How to Protect Your Website Content from Plagiarism

If you do not want your web content to be copied by anyone try using Copyscape. This website just ask for your web page url and Copyscape will search all webpages that contain copies of all parts of your page content.
When you try to use Copyscape, the only thing you need to do is enter your full web page url example is


then Copyscape will return the possible websites that match your website contents from your web page title up to your web page body content. If your web content has a match exactly on what you have written, Copyscape will give you options if you want to:

-Visit that page that has stolen your content
-See who’s owning that website
-See the text that has stolen from your site
-or a link that allows you to respond to web plagiarism.

You can also use Copyscape banner to post it on your website to notify visitors that want to copy content from your website.

Even though Copyscape banner seems very useful if you want to protect your website if your article contains very important content when you are promoting your products such as ebooks or other printed materials by giving some information about the useful tips inside your printed products.

Copyscape banner can also make some of your visitors to be turn of when they see this banner because they will think that the you are too highly of your words. So for me I’d rather used it if my content is very important that cant be copy by someone.

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