Community College – Great Alternative to University

I have seen people roll their eyes. The sour expressions and the look of disdain when someone tells people they want to go to community college. Why community college is treated as a cop out I really don’t know. Yes I know sometimes people just say they are going to community college or actually go to community college to get people off their back.

In reality though a lot of the time community college is the best choice for teens just getting out of high school, or moms going back to school for the first time, or those who are changing careers. Community college provides an opportunity for education to those who often would have no other choice without it. Community college is a great way of gaining an education or certificate and is very inexpensive as well. There are many, many positive reasons to begin your college education in a community college. Here are just a few

1.) Adjustment- The transition to college is often difficult. This is a great way of getting your bearings and getting the general swing of things without the cost of a state or private college. If your grades suffer in this transition it won’t be half the big deal it would be if you were in a state run college. You may be able to live at home for a while longer and keep the costs down

2.) Cost- Compared to both private and state colleges. Community is available for a fraction of the cost. These classes offer a great education as well. The differences between most state colleges and community colleges is that community college class sizes are smaller. There is more of a comradery and communication with teachers in community colleges. At state colleges teachers are often times more concerned with their own thesis writing service and studies and don’t have time to invest in their students doing well. Community college classes are fairly comparable in what they offer to students as well. There are times where community colleges even exceed what some state colleges offer to its students with the facilities and classes that they offer. Research community colleges like you would a state or private school and you will be surprised by the amenities they offer.

3.)Acceptance. It may be impossible to get into one of your top schools right out of high school but a lot of community colleges now offered guaranteed transfer agreements with schools. They offer counseling services to meet with you and discuss how to obtain and achieve your goals. They will work with you to make sure you know the classes you need and the grades you need to achieve in order to make it.

Overall people should be applauded for trying to better themselves by getting an education. There are many different paths to a degree and a community college is a great one to take.

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